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Crane Services in Connecticut


HighLine Riggers has helped numerous businesses complete difficult jobs through our rigging services. Regardless of what needs to be moved, our business can provide the crane you need to complete your job. Our fleet of cranes range in size from 23.5 to 120 tons, and one of our experts can oversee your project to ensure …

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Change Out Boilers Waterbury CT Schools


A difficult aspect of any construction project is moving heavy pieces of equipment to, from, and around the job site. HighLine Rigging offers a variety of rigging services and crane rigging throughout Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts. We have experts to handle any job. With safety in mind, our staff helps you manage your project and …

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Hauling & Storage

Hauling HighLine Riggers offer heavy hauling and overweight transportation services of up to 60 tons. We can transports standard, overweight and multi-dimensional loads, and we will make certain each shipment arrives safely and on time. Please contact us about any type of heavy load you may have, as we can transport items that are uniquely sized and …

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HighLine Riggers LLC is a crane services and rental company in Hartford, CT that supplies construction companies operating throughout Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island with safe equipment they can depend on. Our crane rentals have been helping businesses in the industry complete difficult projects faster and more efficiently since 1998.

In today’s recovering economy, a quick project turnaround is of the essence. With HighLine Riggers LLC, you can achieve this without sacrificing on-job safety and work quality.
When you use our crane rental services, your business will have access to a fleet of boom truck, hydraulic, and all terrain cranes ranging from 23.5 to 300 tons, in addition to a fully-trained and licensed operations specialist who will ensure their proper usage.

The success of our industry is driven by deadlines, and that’s why we offer crane rentals on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. We also make night and weekend services available to your business during your crunch times. For projects requiring more time and attention, we offer heavy hauling and overweight transportation services of up to 60 tons, including uniquely shaped items, as well as inside and outside storage that is rented on a monthly basis.

Hartford construction companies have used our rigging and crane services for over a decade to work more efficiently with air conditioning equipment, and to help with steel erection, road construction, cell tower completion, and tree maintenance, among other purposes. Our trained specialists are proud members of Avetta and ISN, and will offer multiple solutions to ensure that project specifications are met on time, regardless of project type or budget allocation.

HighLine Riggers LLC users put full trust in us as a quality crane services and rental company in Hartford, CT because they know our valuable knowledge and experience will lead them to improved project turnaround. Learn more about our crane and rigging services by calling us at 203-509-3265 or emailing us at to discuss your project