Crane Gallery

The gallery shows a few of our all terrain and hydraulic cranes in action on-site. HighLine Riggers utilizes a versatile fleet ranging from 23.5 to 300 tons to complete these projects and many others with immense weights and staggering heights. Our experienced operators provide complete rigging and lifting services at your site to ensure that you and all of your employees, equipment and assets are safe and secure.

We make challenging and dangerous projects easy and completely safe with top-notch equipment and knowledgeable experts at the controls. You can rest assured knowing that your building materials, workers and equipment are never at risk, and that you can continue your project with everything in place. With safety, service and superior performance in mind, we double-check every detail and operate with care to execute your instructions exactly and help you manage your project with ease.

Learn more about our crane service company and rentals online to see what HighLine Riggers can do for you. Call or email to get a quote for your project.