Crane, Rigging, and Hauling Services in Connecticut

For over two decades, HighLine Cranes & Rigging has been providing crane, rigging, and hauling services in Connecticut for construction companies as well as those in other industries. We have the state-of-the-art equipment your company needs to get almost any job done while also keeping your worksite safe in the process. Whether you want to take advantage of our crane rental and operator services, our crane rigging services, or our hauling and storage services, you’ll appreciate the customer service you receive from us and see why so many companies have trusted us for our crane services in the past.


When you turn to HighLine Cranes & Rigging, you’ll get access to our crane fleet that features a variety of crane types. Our cranes range in size from about 23 tons up to 300 tons, and we can help you choose the right one based on what you’re going to need it to do. We can also offer the services of our fully trained and licensed crane specialists who can help your construction site stay safe when you’re utilizing one of our cranes. We belong to the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association, and each and every one of our crane operators is up to date on the latest crane industry standards.


Not every company has the resources to transport cranes to and from their job sites. We can help in this area by offering crane rigging services. We can bring the cranes that your company needs to your preferred location and set them up safely so that they’re ready to use. We can also show you the right rigging equipment to use when conducting lifts with cranes and even educate you about the angles that should be used when lifting construction materials off the ground.

Other Hauling Services

Is your company going to need to have something other than crane equipment hauled as part of your next project? HighLine Cranes & Rigging can lend a hand in this department, too, by extending hauling services to you. We can transport loads weighing up to 60 tons without a problem and make sure they arrive at their final destination on time. We also have a 5,000-square-foot warehouse and a 2-acre storage area that we use to provide storage to our customers. You can store construction equipment, building materials, and more with us and let us worry about keeping them secure until you need to use them again.

Call HighLine Cranes & Rigging at 203-509-3265 to find out more about our crane, rigging, and hauling services in Connecticut.