Crane Rental & Operator Services

Hydraulic Truck Crane Rental in Norwalk, CT

HighLine Riggers has helped numerous businesses complete difficult jobs through our rigging services. Regardless of what needs to be moved, our business can provide the crane you need to complete your job. Our fleet of cranes range in size from 23.5 to 300 tons, and one of our experts can oversee your project to ensure the heavy lifting jobs are finished seamlessly.   We understand some projects take longer than others, which is why our cranes can be rented on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. Additionally, night and weekend project scheduling is available if you need to meet a strict deadline. To learn more about our crane rentals, or to inquire about how our crane operators can help your project throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New York, please contact us.

Crane Capacity Description Boom/Jib Total Height
23 Tons Boom Trucks 92’/44’ 144’
26 Tons Hydraulic Truck Cranes 103’/48’ 160’
30 Tons Hydraulic Truck Cranes 95’/46’ 160’
40 Tons Hydraulic Truck Cranes 124’/55’ 160’
50 Tons Hydraulic Truck Cranes 110’/56’ 166’
60 Tons Hydraulic Truck Cranes 110’/56’ 166’
80 Tons All Terrain Cranes 130’/ NA 130’
100 Tons All Terrain Cranes 164’/58’ 222’
120 Tons All Terrain Cranes 190’/85’ 275’
170 Tons All Terrain Cranes 147’/62’ 259’
265 Tons All Terrain Cranes 197’/118’ 315’
300 Tons All Terrain Cranes 197’/164’ 361’