New York Crane Rental & Rigging Services

Here at HighLine Cranes and Rigging, we have a plethora of options when it comes to crane rentals. If you’re looking for rentals with book truck, hydraulic and all terrain cranes. These heavy machines are meant to be operated by trained professionals, so if you need assistance, we can provide you with fully trained and licensed operations specialists who can oversee heavy lifting jobs in a safe and proper way.

Crane Rentals

We have cranes ranging from 23 to 300 tons. For whatever your project looks like, we can assist in making sure you have the proper equipment and an expert to oversee that the project runs smoothly. Our company is a member of the Specialized Carriers & Riggins Association, which means each one of our fully licensed operators undergoes continuous safety and equipment training. There is no job too big for our cranes!

Crane Rigging Services

Many construction companies have problems figuring out how they will be able to transport heavy equipment to and from each jobsite. With a little help from us, we can assist you in solving this problem. While using our rental equipment, we can provide you with someone to oversee the operation, so everything runs perfectly.

Why Choose HighLine in New York?

With our trained operators and experts, we will provide hauling and storage for your convenience. We understand the challenges construction companies face with their projects, and our duty is to make your job easier. Our New York Crane Rental and Rigging Services will do just that.

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