Crane Rental Clients

Client Comments and Letters

A & F Construction – Willimantic, CT

I have gone through many crane services through my years as a contractor and I have yet to find one as effective as yours. Our anticipated time for the lifting operations ran over schedule due to improper materials on-site and HighLine came through for us staying late into the night with a knowledgeable, eager operator aware of the conditions and time frame. I absolutely will use HighLine again and have no choice but to consider them the best.

Capstone Building Corp. – UConn, Storrs, CT

I need to take this opportunity and thank your staff and operators on what an excellent job they have done on this project. Our time frame offered nothing else short of four cranes needed immediately and Highline was willing and able to meet our demands. Our deepest gratitude and thanks goes out to your staff who were constantly on-site and evaluating risks and considering every safety need to the public and their own crew. ‘Impressive’ is not even close to describing your efforts and capability. You are at the top of my list and always will be. Thank you and if there is anything I can do for you, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Capstone Building Corp. – Newbury Village, Meridan CT

We would like to send this letter of recognition congratulating Highline on their incredible value and operation technique throughout these months. Not only have you saved us incredible costs but also allowed us to advance our project ahead of schedule. Your constant on-site supervision allowed us to focus on other construction priorities, ultimately allowing the project to continue more efficiently.

Errigal Construction – Salt Shed, Middletown, CT

In reference to the Salt Shed job in Middletown, CT, my personal thanks and consideration goes out to your company. I have never dealt with such professionalism with a crane company before. With such safety concerns in the height of the project, and a need for precision placement, Highline was able to meets these goals with proper planning and considerable skill. You will always be my first choice. Thanks.